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FAQs : Now That You're Booked Questions
Now That You've Booked a Cruise . . .
Thank you for booking your cruise.  We truly appreciate and value your business.  Please take a few minutes to read this very important guide.  It will answer many of your questions regarding your upcoming cruise vacation.
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What is the United States Border Security Act? How do I need to prepare?
Should I buy travel protection?
I booked my cabin as a Guarantee. When will I get my cabin assignment?
When will I receive my Cruise Documents?
Should I purchase the Cruise Line's Air/Sea Package?
When will I get my Air Schedule? Can I pick my own flights?
Will I have Airline Seat Assignments in advance?
Can I make my own flight arrangements?
How much does it cost to park at the Pier?
Are there porters available at the airport and the pier?
Do I need a Passport?
How much luggage can I bring?
Are my meals onboard included? Can I make special dining requests?
Is it better to have Early Seating or Late Seating?
How much should I budget for Tipping?
How do I pay for purchases on board? Do they take cash on board?
Are the restaurants open when the ship is in port?
How do I learn about daily shipboard activities?
Are there activities onboard for my kids?
Do they have babysitting onboard?
What do I Wear On-Board?
Can I be contacted while I'm on board?
Can I bring my laptop computer and check my email?
Can I take my cell phone on the cruise?
How much does it cost to make a phone call from the ship?
What time will I be off the ship at the end of my cruise?
Will they be serving breakfast on the last day?
What if I have to cancel?
Can I pre-book my Shore Excursions Online?
What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?
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